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No Littering – Bumper Stickers Seen Around Cambridge

One of the  many things I love about living in Cambridge are the variety of bumper stickers that you spot on cars as you travel around the city.  Believe me – bumper stickers just aren’t the same out in the burbs.  Cambridge has really good bumper stickers.  A myriad of opinions, obsessions, jokes, causes and more are displayed on our bumpers.

So here’s the first installment in what I plan to feature regularly – Bumper Stickers Seen Around Cambridge.



When I spotted this bumper sticker down the street I was psyched since I hate litterbugs. The amount of trash thrown on Cambridge streets and sidewalks blows my mind and infuriates me.  It’s my new hobby – picking up trash as I walk around town.

As you can see, it turned out to be a bumper sticker promoting the spaying of dogs and cats.  I know that this is a cause dear to the heart of anybody who works in animal shelters and sees how many pets are abandoned.  I actually have mixed feelings.   I’ve found it almost impossible to find a kitten nowadays – if an ad is posted every kitten is spoken for almost immediately. 

Still – a bumper sticker with DON”T LITTER in big letters is one I’d be happy to have on my car.

Actually this is the second Bumper Stickers Seen Around Cambridge post.  Here’s the first:

Election Day Bumper Stickers


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