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As a Cambridge real estate agent, the city squares of Cambridge, Somerville and Medford and the town centers of Arlington, Watertown and Belmont, Massachusetts are my home turf. And as a lifelong New Englander who’s lived within twenty miles of Boston most of my life, I can introduce you to other nearby towns as we search for your new home. If you’re planning to sell your home in Cambridge, MA or nearby you’ll find plenty of info about the home selling process here too. Questions? Send me an email or call me at 617-504-1737.

Two Family Houses – Somerville and Cambridge Real Estate

Somerville Two-Family House

Somerville Two-Family House

Cambridge and Somerville have many two family houses for real estate buyers interested in investment property or condominiums.

Two-Family Houses in Cambridge and Somerville

The days are over when the rent from one apartment can cover your mortgage and allow you to live for free in a two-family.  In fact, two-family real estate values in Cambridge and Somerville are influenced by the apartments’ value as condominiums.  Many two-family buyers end up renovating and converting the apartments to condos.

Two Family House Styles in Cambridge and Somerville

Some two-family homes consist of two identical stacked units – usually five or six rooms in each apartment.

Larger two-family homes have a four of five one or two-bedroom apartment on the first floor and a two-level apartment upstairs, sometimes with three or four bedrooms.

A variation of the two-unit multi-family home is the “Philadelphia style” or Philly layout.  Here, the first floor apartment has stairs in the unit to one or sometimes two rooms on the second floor.  Nobody in Pennsylvania knows why we call this the “Philadelphia style”.

Other two-family home styles include side-by-side townhouse style multi-familys or larger houses, often built as grand, single family homes that have been partitioned into two apartments.

Recent Two-Family Home Sales in Cambridge and Somerville

  • 28 two-family homes have sold in Cambridge in the last year
  • Prices ranged from $340,000 to $1,300,000
  • The average sales price was $622,620
  • Average per square foot price was $240.49

Short sales and foreclosures had a significant impact on multi-unit real estate sales in Somerville during the last year.

  • 108 two-families sold in Somerville in the last year
  • 17 of the 25 least expensive two-family sales were short sales or foreclosures
  • Sale prices ranged from $180,000 to $730,500
  • The average sales price was $458,730

Condo Sales in Two-Unit Houses

In Somerville, 83 condos in two-unit buildings sold in the last year for prices ranging from $245,000 to $880,000.  The average sales price was $439,664.  Average price per square foot was $320.

67 condominiums in two-unit buildings sold in Cambridge in the last year for prices ranging from $220,000 to $2,130,000.  The average sales price was $598,379.  The median sales price was $510,000.  The average per square foot price was $398.

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