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As a Cambridge real estate agent, the city squares of Cambridge, Somerville and Medford and the town centers of Arlington, Watertown and Belmont, Massachusetts are my home turf. And as a lifelong New Englander who’s lived within twenty miles of Boston most of my life, I can introduce you to other nearby towns as we search for your new home. If you’re planning to sell your home in Cambridge, MA or nearby you’ll find plenty of info about the home selling process here too. Questions? Send me an email or call me at 617-504-1737.

Buying A House Or Condo In Cambridge – What To Bring To The Closing

Buying a House or Condo in Cambridge – What to Bring to the Closing  The big day is almost here – you’re buying real estate in Cambridge – your first house, a new condo  – congratulations! 

What Do I Need To Bring To The Closing?

Cambridge Real Estate Closing

Cambridge Real Estate Closing

A limber wrist is probably the most important thing to bring to your real estate closing – there’s a reason the closing is often referred to as “passing papers”.  Nowadays at a Massachusetts real estate closing there’s a large stack of papers getting passed around the table between buyers, sellers, and attorneys.

Seriously though, here are the things you need to remember to bring with you:

A bank check  – also called  a certified check or cashier’s check.  The check for the amount of money you’re bringing to the closing can’t be a personal check – the bank requires cleared funds.  The bank attorney’s office will let you know the amount of the check a day or two before the closing.  If the figure for the check still hasn’t been determined sometimes they’ll give you an estimate and either you or the attorney will write a check for the difference at the closing.  Typically, you’ll be instructed to have the check made out to yourself and then you’ll sign the check over at the table.

Don’t forget to arrange for access to your funds for the closing. If you need to move money around it’s best to do it well in advance of the day of your sale.  You may choose to have your bank wire the money but this too needs to be arranged in advance.  The bank attorney’s office will be able to give you wiring instructions.

Photo ID.  You are required to present photo identification at the closing – a driver’s license or a passport is what people usually bring. It’s a good idea to have a second form of identification as well since every so often a bank asks for a second form of ID.

Your checkbook.  It’s not uncommon for a personal check to be needed for some miscellaneous expense or recalculation.  Nowadays more and more people don’t carry a checkbook but you should be sure to pop one in your bag just in case.

An hour or two at the table and you’ll be the happy owners of a new house or condo.  Congratulations!


Buying A House Or Condo In Cambridge – What To Bring To The Closing by Elizabeth Bolton, a Cambridge real estate agent at Coldwell Banker, 171 Huron Avenue, Cambridge MA.

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