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Amelia Earhart’s House In Medford

Did you know that Amelia Earhart lived in Medford Mass?  With the movie, “Amelia”, starring Hilary Swank as Earhart and Richard Gere as Earhart’s husband, opening this weekend I figured it was a good  time to check out the home where the famous aviatrix lived.

Amelia Earhart’s House In Medford

Amelia Earhart's Home In Medford Mass

Amelia Earhart's Home In Medford Mass

The Earhart women, Amelia, her sister Muriel, and their mother Amy, moved to Medford in 1924 following their mother’s divorce. They moved to this hip roofed shingled house at 76 Brooks Street in West Medford. 

As the monument in front of the Amelia Earhart home notes, Amelia lived here with her mother and sister for several years. She subsequently lived at Denison House, a settlement house in Boston where she worked as a social worker.  She married George Putnam, played by Richard Gere in the movie, on February 7, 1931.

Monument In Front Of The Earhart House On Brooks Street

Monument In Front Of The Earhart House On Brooks Street

Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic – first as a passenger in 1928 and then as a pilot in a solo flight in 1932. She was only the second person to fly solo across the Atlantic, five years after Charles Lindbergh’s flight.

Amelia’s mother died several months after her daughter’s disappearance in 1937 during her ill fated round-the-world flight.  Her sister, Muriel Morrissey, lived a long life in Medford where she was a public school teacher. Muriel died in Medford in 1998 at the age of 98.  George Putnam died in 1950 at the age of 62.

Here’s another local tie-in with a recent movie:  Julia Child’s House In Cambridge

Would you like to see inside Amelia Earhart’s house?  It’s just been listed for sale and you can click on the small photo below for more info and additional photographs.

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  1. Fred Souza

    I visited my mother’s grave last week, at medford’s Oak Grove
    Cemetery.Tonight as I was browsing, I saw that the U.S. is
    going to resume the search for Amelia Airhardt.
    My mother’s grave site was a gift from my aunt, my mother’s
    sister who had told me years ago that my mother and Amelia’s
    sister were close friends. So when I read the news tonight
    and found out that they had in fact lived in Medford, made me
    a believer

  2. Barbara M Hutchins

    Just additional info: In 1935/6 or so I was 8/9 years of age. A friend and I took piano lessons from Mrs. Earhart when she lived on Marshall St., in Medford Hillside area. As I recall, it is possible was a single brown house, but I have no idea of the street number.

  3. Barbara M Hutchins

    …oh, and another tidbit: her sister, Murial Morrisey belonged to our church, The Unitarian Universalist Church at 141 High Street, Medford.

  4. Elizabeth Bolton

    What fun! Thanks for sharing those tidbits Barbara. I love that Unitarian Church building – inside and out it’s wonderful. And it’s always good to hear about another Unitarian. In a recent post I wrote about visiting the Harrison Gray Otis house (the 3rd of three in Boston). I wasn’t aware until it was mentioned on that tour that both Otis and his architect, Charles Bulfinch, were Unitarians.

  5. Janine Goldstein

    I grew up in Medford in the 70’s and 80’s. Muriel Morisey was a volunteer at the Lawrence Memorial Hospital which was right across the street from the house where I grew up. My mom worked at the hospital, so my brother and I got to meet Amelia Earhart’s sister. I wish we understood how amazing that was at the time!

  6. Ivan Stephen

    I worked an election with Amelia Earhart’s great-niece, so got to know a little of the family history that is less well-known.

  7. Paul Grubb

    I remember Mrs Morisey very well and as a young boy I would shovel her driveway, walkway and steps. At Halloween she would bring us into her house for the penny search to get our treats! Looking back I can still see her bright smile!

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