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Cheap and Easy Way to Keep Out Drafts

It’s nippy in Cambridge tonight and I’m glad I finally finished one of my winter chores this weekend.

Some of my windows are a bit drafty and since I’m not a big fan of replacement windows (subject of a blog post to come!) these older windows are here to stay.

Pulling the shades down at night and letting the sun in during the day is a good idea. Some people do the plastic on the windows trick but I’ve always worried about taking the paint off when the plastic is removed in the spring. And insulated shades are a super idea that I’ve yet to implement. Window rehab would make a difference and weatherstripping would help I’m sure.

Rope caulk keeps out winter drafts

Rope caulk keeps out winter drafts

But if you’re not terribly handy or don’t want to spend a lot of money my method to stop the drafts is easy – and cheap. 

This box of flexible rope caulk that I picked up at Tag’s in Porter Square for $6.39 does the trick.  It’s as simple as can be to unroll the clay-like caulk and seal any cracks where the sill meets the frame of your windows.  A box or two will do you.

Maybe it’s my imagination but my house always feels warmer after I get the windows caulked. 

I first saw rope caulk on the windows of a Union Square condo I listed. It was springtime so we had to remove the caulk to open the windows. Afterwards I realized that the caulk and the tighter seal had meant the condo was quieter so if you’re on a busy street it may help to keep noise down too.

For less than $15 rope caulk can’t be beat as a wintertime fix.

Stay warm!

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  1. Steve

    I *love* this stuff! My whole house is held together with it!

  2. Elizabeth Bolton

    Too funny Steve! There is something appealing about it – and it’s quite satisfying when you get the house buttoned up with it.


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