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The Story Of Stuff

Annie Leonard, from The Story of Stuff Project, was on the Stephen Colbert show tonight promoting her new book about the project.

I’ve got to confess to being a lifelong fan of stuff. I’m a collector – some might say packrat – and really like my stuff.  Why have one of something when five or six or a dozen is so much more satisfying?  George Carlin’s routine about stuff where he describes our houses as piles of stuff with roofs on top hit pretty close to home.

I’m reforming, though, and in December celebrated my third anniversary of being storage-unit free.   Admittedly that’s due in large part to an attic crammed to the rafters  – but still – it’s an improvement.

What appeals to me though is typically second-hand if not antique. Our throw-away culture worries me and the endless array of stunningly cheap imported merchandise that fills big box stores gives me the willies.

Nowadays it’s too easy to buy and buy and put the week’s trash out at the curb. Too little thought is paid to how all that stuff gets here and where it goes when discarded.

Annie Leonard spent ten years studying just that- “where our stuff comes from and where it goes” and this video is the result.  Watch it and pass it on!

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