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Save The Pink Bathroom – Website Wednesday

Mine's  Blue - But Pink Is Good Too

Mine's Blue - But Pink Is Good Too

Save The Pink Bathroom – Website Wednesday  Vintage bathrooms – of the 1940s to 1960s vintage that is – quite often are blue or pink.  Completely blue or completely pink.

My house came with the blue version – blue floor, blue ceramic tile, blue tub, toilet and sink. Every accessory was blue too – shower curtain, scale, cup, etc.

Turned out the toilet was a goner when I moved in. The plumber looked worried, “I don’t think I can get a toilet that color”.  I confess to replying “No problem!”.  I was not yet an appreciator of the vintage colored bath.

It’s the pink bathrooms though that really seem to freak out homebuyers.  Guys, in particular, typically can’t seem to get their head around the all-pink decor.

One of my favorite websites, Save the Pink Bathrooms,  is just what you need to make that mental shift and see your pink – or blue – vintage bath as a feature, not a defect.

Save the Pink Bathrooms is an offshoot of Pam Kueber’s fabulous blog Retro Renovation and many of the links will lead you there (be careful – you may find yourself reading for a long time – it’s addictive).

So don’t run from that house or condo with a pink bathroom – embrace it. Play up its vintage fabulousness – or decorate it with complementary wallpaper (yes – wallpaper – it can be the perfect contrast to the colored tile) and accessories. Vintage baths from this era were installed when quality materials were the norm and many of them have a lot of years left.

Save the Pink Bathrooms! And the blue ones too!

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