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Rodney’s Bookstore Is Not Closing After All

Rodney's Bookstore Is Not Closing After All

Rodney's Bookstore Is Not Closing After All

Rodney’s Bookstore Is Not Closing After All   

Great news this week for all of us who appreciate a good book store – Rodney’s Books  in Central Square isn’t closing after all. 

If you’ve been bummed out, as I have, by the Going Out of Business signs in Rodney’s windows you can relax.

In fact, the owner hopes to remain in business for at least another five years according to Brock Parker on boston.com who reported that owner Shaw Taylor

 “said renegotiating his rent will help the business remain open, and the success of the closing sale has enabled the store to pay of its bills.”     read the rest of the story

I know I did my part!  Rodney’s Books is one of my favorite local used bookstores.  When I heard about the impending closing I headed right over – and emerged with several hundred dollars worth of books.  “Books” and “sale” – a dangerous combo!

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  1. Denise Hamlin

    That really is good news Liz. I hate to see bookstores closing too. You have an atmosphere in a bookstore that you don’t get in any other store. I guess it’s something about being surrounded by all that knowledge.

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