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Somerville Snow Removal

Somerville Snow Removal

Somerville Snow Removal

It was 6:30 this evening before I finished shoveling so I haven’t been out and about.

I can only imagine the mess – it’s not easy when large amounts of snow are dumped in the city.  Working as a real estate agent in Cambridge means that I’m frequently driving around searching for parking spaces ever more rare in the snow filled streets,  climbing over snow banks, repeatedly taking off and putting on the LL Bean boots that become my footwear of choice once snow falls.

Every year I find myself wishing that Cambridge would follow Somerville’s lead in snow removal. The city of Somerville does a great job of snow removal – not just during the storm but in the days after.  Somerville actually removes snow from the streets – clearing parking spaces, making sure that crosswalks are cleared, making room for the next storm’s snow.  In Cambridge we just hope that the snow melts quickly.

Sure enough, yesterday I spotted this City of Somerville truck loaded with snow removed from the streets in anticipation of the storm. The DPW has been out all month taking away snow, days after the last storm. It only makes sense in the city where there just isn’t room for large piles of snow that make driving, parking and walking a hassle or worse.

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  1. Nick

    What Somerville are YOU looking at? Because I’m pretty sure I live in Somerville, and I can tell you that city plows have left us out to dry, this time around. They didn’t even try to clear the street for parking spaces, and now that the soft snow drift is now a hard ice block, they can’t. We’re 30 some spots short until it melts, which isn’t going to happen for weeks, at this rate.

  2. Liz Bolton

    Hi Nick ~ I feel your pain believe me! I don’t think any city can get all the snow removed – far from it. Somerville does make a huge effort however to get rid of a lot of it – I’ve seen the back hoes and dump trucks out day and night. It’s all relative I guess – Cambridge doesn’t remove any snow that I’ve seen aside from plowing. Plus Cambridge’s snow emergency requirements don’t begin to compare to Somerville’s which means that the streets are lined with snowed in cars that at this rate seemed destined to stay put until March judging by the rock hard drifts that surround them.

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