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My Rhododendron Thermometer – Update

It's cold out tonight in Massachusetts

It's cold out tonight in Massachusetts

My rhododendron thermometer is back in business – and it is C-O-L-D out. 

The leaves on my rhododendron are curled tight as pencils.  It almost looked like the bush had died or like some of its branches were broken – the leaves are curled so tightly I really didn’t think it looked right.

But it’s just the effects of the super chilly temperatures today. It’s supposed to be below zero in Cambridge tonight.  My rhododendron thermometer isn’t sophisticated enough to give the exact temperature – simply a pretty good idea of just how frigid it is.

I think the bush looks amazingly good considering all the snow that was piled on it.  Clearly rhododendrons are a hearty and resilient lot. Mine has really bounced back and lived to give more weather reports.

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  1. Denise Hamlin

    I agree Liz. Your rhododendron is looking astoundingly good considering first the snow and now the oh so cold temps.

    Funny how a picture can trigger memories. Reminds me of living in Hamburg where rhododendron bushes were (and probably still are) the bush of choice for most gardens.

  2. Elizabeth Bolton

    Hi Denise ~ Oh that’s so neat to hear about the rhododendrons in Germany. I’m probably more of a lilac fan myself (my lilacs sadly are squished beneath the huge pine boughs that fell during a recent storm)but they are really handsome. I grew up near a Rhododendon Reservation in Medfield MA and there was a Rhododendron State Park near to where I lived in NH. I’m certainly happy they’re so resilient given this brutal winter.

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