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No Saving Spaces In Cambridge

Reserved Parking Space In Cambridge

Reserved Parking Space In Cambridge

No saving spaces in Cambridge – parking spaces that is. 

With the repeated snow storms this winter, many Cambridge residents who’ve shoveled out spaces on the city streets have taken to saving their parking spaces by putting out barrels, cones, chairs, even appliances.

Some people take offense at saved spaces.  I tend to sympathize. Nothing’s worse than doing a top notch job of clearing away mountains of snow only to have a less than industrious neighbor grab your space – leaving you to circle the block over and over again when you return.

The City of Cambridge has been removing the items used to reserve parking spaces. They’re not done yet – I snapped the table at right on tour today – but the trucks have been going out and every item on the street gets thrown in the truck and taken away when they get to your street. My brother’s building lost its trash barrel that someone was using to save their spot.

Maybe it’s time to take the T and let your car save its space.

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  1. achemgee

    I use my car. I shovel it out but then I use the T. The space is right in front of my house so I do feel a little entitled to it.

  2. Elizabeth Bolton

    I was surprised when friends told me that they had a problem with saved spaces. If you do all the work – and it’s a lot of work this year – and shovel out a space I think you get dibs.

  3. Matthew Pearl

    I’m torn about it. On the one hand, I absolutely understand the desire to save a spot that could take hours to clear. On the other hand, I’ve never seen our street look worse than with every other spot filled with trash cans and recycling bins and folding chairs. I guess it’s a choice between moral desert and aesthetics. Also, if you have a car coming to your house for as little as half an hour, and someone who has shoveled a spot is out for the entire day, the whole thing really doesn’t make sense. I guess Brookline solves the issue by having no overnight parking on the streets? I don’t think our street ever had the objects taken away, though I might be wrong. Great blog, by the way!

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