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Good Stamps

Good Stamps

Good Stamps

Representative Stephen Lynch has proposed a bill to tweak the USPS pension payments in an effort to keep the USPS afloat.  Good thing since I’ve got a lot of stamps to use.

I love good stamps.  I’m that picky customer in front of you making the postal clerk produce every commemorative stamp he’s got in his drawer.  But I buy a *lot* of stamps so I figure I’ve earned those few extra minutes at the post office counter.

My latest haul at the post office filled me with joy.  Now these are good stamps!

I had stopped by the post office because of a Cambridge-postal stamp connection.  Botanist Asa Gray, whose 1810 Cambridge house at 88 Garden Street sold for $3,400,000 earlier this year, is one of the four scientists featured on the American Scientists stamps from the post office.

While I was picking up the Asa Gray stamps I couldn’t help myself.  I also bought:

The new Mark Twain stamps.  If you’ve never been to Mark Twain’s house in Hartford CT you are in for a treat. It’s magnificent.

The new Pioneers of American Industrial Design stamps.  These stamps are so cool.  Designers responsible for such signature pieces as the Selectric typewriter, the Brownie camera and Fiestaware are featured.  Designers honored on the stamps include Russel Wright, Norman Bel Geddes and Raymond Loewy.

The new Go Green stamps.  I love what these stamps depict – actual environmentally friendly, simple practices as opposed to “green” (as in the color of money) marketing efforts.  The stamps promote:

  • Composting
  • Turning off lights when not in use
  • Fixing water leaks
  • Buying local produce and reusing bags
  • Insulating your house
  • Adjusting the thermostat
  • Using public transportation
  • Sharing rides
  • Hanging your clothes out to dry
  • Choosing to walk,  not drive
  • Planting trees
  • Maintaining tire pressure on your car

All of these stamps, like all the new USPS regular rate stamps, are “forever” stamps.  Let’s hope the USPS is around for years to come – I’ve got a lot of stamps!

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