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Cambridge Installs More Bike Parking Slots

New Bike Rack in Front of our Real Estate Office on Huron Ave

New Bike Rack in Front of our Real Estate Office on Huron Ave

It took a flyer on a condo building bulletin board (note: if you’re looking for a condo to buy you should always read the bulletin board notices – you never know what you’ll find out about the condo association) for me to figure out that the new bike parking post outside our office is part of a city-wide project in Cambridge. 

Hundreds of bike parking posts are being installed all over Cambridge.  Actually the city calls them post-and-ring bicycle racks.

Bicycling is a popular mode of transportation in Cambridge and Somerville.  Chances are good too that you’ll see some pretty funky bicycles around town.

Some of the more unusual bikes you’re likely to spot include:

  • Recumbent bicyclists – cyclists ride close to the ground, on an elongated low bike – it’s sort of a cross between a bike and a recliner
  • Bikes that are a mix of exercise equipment and bicycle – the pedals look like those big oar-like things – and the bicyclist stands up – there is no seat.  It’s like a traveling elliptical machine according to someone who knows quite a bit more about gym equipment than I do
  • Big wheel bikes – these are amazing – and a bit scary – to see since the riders are way high up with one enormous wheel and a much smaller one behind.  The correct term for these – and it’s not uncommon (but always fun) to see them around Cambridge – is high wheel bicycles or high wheelers. 
  • And watch out for the bicylist we spotted the other day – his bike seat is a vintage plastic rocking horse

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  1. C.J.Blanda

    Great for the comfort of all.

  2. Liz

    I was initially thought that the bike post replaced a parking meter – and parking is precious in Cambridge. But it turns out that they just reconfigured the meters thank goodness.

  3. Denise Hamlin

    Hi Liz ~ Quite the deja vue moment for me your bike parking slot. We had a lot of those in Germany. (They look a little different, but same principal).

    We have a lot of cyclists here in Iowa City too. It will only be a matter of time before these start springing up I would think.

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