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My Favorite Full Serve Gas Stations

Gulf Station at Mount Auburn & Aberdeen. Don't judge the prices by the photo - that's like comparing lenders with quotes two weeks apart - interest rates and gas prices are apt to change daily

Gulf Station at Mount Auburn & Aberdeen. Don't judge the prices by the photo - that's like comparing mortgage lenders with quotes two weeks apart - interest rates and gas prices often change daily

Let me start out by saying that I don’t pump gas if I don’t have to – and I almost never have to.  I also don’t bag or ring through my own groceries but that’s a topic for another post.

So, I’m always on the lookout for a good full serve gas station.  It’s simply not true that the price is always higher than at self serve gas stations.  In fact, you’ll often find full serve gas stations (and truly the definition of that nowadays is that they pump the gas – and in a pinch might check your oil if you ask nicely) within yards – and in full view – of self serve gas stations with comparable or even slightly higher prices.  Go figure.  American consumers often aren’t on the ball it seems.

But I have strict standards for full serve gas stations.  I *did* pump gas at one point – in high school I worked briefly one summer pumping gas.  So I know how it’s done.  It’s pretty simple – you go to the driver’s window, get the order, pump the gas, and return to the window for payment.  And you’re friendly and pleasant while you’re at it.

Somehow many gas stations have lost track of the basics.  The new method is to go to the passenger window – if it’s closed, bang on it – and take the order and the cash from afar, making the driver stretch across the seat.  To put an end to this ongoing battle I may just choose my next car by virtue of its driver’s side gas tank but in the meantime I’ll go elsewhere.

So here’s my short list of  the best full serve gas stations in the area with excellent service and good prices. I haven’t had repairs done at any of the stations but these are my regular places to fill up:

Best Full Serve Gas Stations

Teele Square Auto in Somerville on Broadway at the corner of Victoria Street  This busy gas station offers a lower price for cash purchases (pay in cash – it helps keep your local service station in business) and is open 7 days a week.  They service and repair cars, do inspection stickers, and have a towing service.  Teele Square Auto is at 1284 Broadway.

Gulf Station in Cambridge on Mount Auburn Street at Aberdeen Ave (aka Route 16)  Their super friendly service can’t be beat.  This gas station is on Mount Auburn Street across from Mount Auburn Cemetery. Getting gas is a pleasure here – they service cars and do inspection stickers too.

Mobil in Arlington on Mass Ave across from Jimmy’s restaurant Friendly, courteous service – unlike the other big chain station nextdoor. Don’t get confused – it’s the Mobil you want.  The neighboring gas station would make it on my worsts list if I did one. Why not go to Mobil for service with a smile?!  And they do work on cars here as well.  Mobil is at 1116 Mass Ave in Arlington Heights

Do you have a favorite full serve gas station?  Let us know.

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  1. James Conway

    Grew up in North Cambridge, have lived in Chicago for the best 6 years, I miss full service gas stations and we are one of the last states to do it in MA. Jacks Gas is my favorite, I also like US Petrol on Concord Ave and Walden Street and the Somerville Ave gas station. Great posts and website!

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