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Charles Hotel Parking Garage Gives a Break to Small Cars

Small cars get price break at Cambridge hotel garage

Small cars get price break at Cambridge hotel garage

The Boston Herald had a great article today about the garage at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge.  Turns out the Charles Hotel parking garage gives a break to small cars. 

Small cars get a price break at the Charles Square garage.  Vehicles that are less than 12 feet in length get the first hour free and a reduced rate.  Minis and Smart Cars – of which there are plenty in Cambridge – meet the size limits.

I think this is a super idea.  Anything that encourages more small cars on the road – or in the garage – is a good thing in my book.  Way to go Charles Hotel.

A few years ago I was running late for an appointment in Brookline.  I was trying to park in a parking garage and was stuck behind a line of big, hulking SUVs that were too large for the cramped spaces in the garage. As I fumed, we slowly crawled  through the garage as drivers tried every which way to get their supersized vehicles into spaces that were simply too small.  Their SUVs were also too tall – making me gasp since it looked quite possible that an SUV top would be sheared off at any moment.  It’s a sight that I’ve never forgotten.

It has struck me as odd that in an era of ever bigger vehicles, garages and parking lots, seemingly in attempt to squeeze every possible dollar from their operations, have made parking spaces tighter and smaller.  It sure does lead to some nasty confrontations – as I’ve witnessed more than once at the Porter Square shopping center lot for example. 

Whether on the road or in the garage, I’d rather be behind a small car than a behemoth.  Maybe it’s time to give small cars perks all over town – make the prime parking lot spaces small, give reduced rates at meters for small parking spaces.

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