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As a Cambridge real estate agent, the city squares of Cambridge, Somerville and Medford and the town centers of Arlington, Watertown and Belmont, Massachusetts are my home turf. And as a lifelong New Englander who’s lived within twenty miles of Boston most of my life, I can introduce you to other nearby towns as we search for your new home. If you’re planning to sell your home in Cambridge, MA or nearby you’ll find plenty of info about the home selling process here too. Questions? Send me an email or call me at 617-504-1737.

What’s On Your Real Estate Wish List?

What's On Your Real Estate Wish List?

What's On Your Real Estate Wish List?

If you’re hoping to buy real estate in Cambridge or nearby this spring, you’re probably coming up with a wish list.  You may not get everything on your list but it is a helpful starting point in the real estate hunt.

What’s on your real estate wish list?

Everyone’s list will be different but here are some things to think about:

Location – Probably the most important.  Cast too wide a net and it’s a difficult process.  Narrow your focus too much, too specifically, and you may get frustrated and fail to find your new home.  Decide on several towns and / or neighborhoods that appeal and you’ll be able to stay on top of the new possibilities. 

Style – House or condo?  If you’re looking at condos, is a big building too big or a two to three-unit too small?  Which era of building appeals – older, classic buildings or new construction?  Do you want a townhouse or a flat?  A ranch, Colonial, Cape or split level? Top floor, first floor or a condo in between?

Size – How big a place do you want?  Often, you have to get out and look at some options before you get a feel for square footage and what feel right.  Don’t be too quick to decide without seeing  a place that it won’t work because the square footage is too low. Much can depend layout and for houses in particular you’ll want to take the square feet numbers with a grain of salt.  It’s usually easier to decide on the must-have number of rooms and bedrooms you want or need.  Even then, a room that’s not included in the official bedroom count might suit your needs.

Level of renovation– Most of our housing stock in the Cambridge area  is older.  Some places have been updated – many older places are transformed into luxurious, modern spaces.  Others don’t have the newest, flashiest of fixtures and appliances but are very nice as is.  You’ll find condos and houses that could use some attention to outdated features and others that have some definite projects that are must-dos.  What’s your comfort level condition-wise?  “Needs work” typically goes well beyond painting and buffing.  How much is too much?

Outside space– Is it important to you to have outdoor space?  Private space or is common space ok?  Do you need pet or play space? Is a big yard too much of a good thing for your busy schedule?

Parking – Is a parking space – or two – important to you?  Opting only for garage parking will further limit the options.  In some neighborhoods and locations it’s easier to park on the street than in others.

Public Transportation – Will you be taking public transportation to work? Even if you drive, many buyers want to have easy access to public transit.  And what’s your definition of public transportation?  Does it have to be a subway stop or will a nearby bus stop suit your needs?

Do you have or want pets?  If you’re looking at condos make sure you check for what’s allowed – some will restrict by number or by size and many places won’t allow pets at all.  Even houses get scrutinized in terms of pet friendliness – often it seems we’re buying a place because it works for our pets as much as ourselves.

Particular features – Hardwood floors, in-unit laundry, air conditioning, a dishwasher, a gas stove – what are the must-haves or really hope-to-haves on your list?

Price– Let’s not forget price.  You’ll want to be pre-approved  before you head out on the real estate hunt so you can focus on places you’ll be able to buy.

Now that you’re armed with your real estate wish list it’s time to head out on the hunt.  If I can be of help with your real estate search please give me a call at 617-504-1737 or email me at [email protected].  I’d love to help!

Liz Bolton, ReMax Destiny

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