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The Whole Hub Catalogue

The Whole Hub Catalogue - Cambridge and Boston in 1973

The Whole Hub Catalogue - Boston and Cambridge in 1973

I scored this great find at the Christ Church Thrift Store this afternoon.  The Whole Hub Catalogue was published in 1973.  It’s a take-off on the Whole Earth Catalog put out by BU students.  When I was little my parents’ copy of The Last Whole Earth Catalog was one of my favorite reads.  I had to have this book.

The Whole Hub Catalogue is very much a product of its times with sections that include the Draft and Women’s Lib /Men’s Lib. It’s also a snapshot in time – with the radio stations, newspapers, and lots of lots of shops, restaurants and bars that could be found in Boston and Cambridge in 1973.  Sadly – many, perhaps most, are no longer.

Flipping through the book has reignited my plan for a page on Centers and Squares to document Cambridge Stores and More of Yore (that’s my working title!).  I’m going to be putting together a list of old favorites that once were in Cambridge but are no longer with us.  I’ve got my favorites – Dazzle, Reading International, the Wursthaus, and the Cambridge Country Store come to mind –  and I’m going back further than that based on my Dad’s recollections of growing up in Cambridge 70+ years ago.

I’m hoping the page becomes a collaborative effort and encourage you to reply with a comment about favorites you want to add to the list.  Any and all recollections will be enthusiastically welcomed as we build the list.


The Christ Church Thrift Store is in Harvard Square at 17 Farwell Place. Hours from September to June are Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 4 and Saturday 11:30 to 2:30. Check it out!

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  1. Richard McIntyre

    I remember this well and it brings back fond memories of the time and place. I’d love to have a copy of it and an edition of the original “Phoenix”!

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