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Upgrade Your Smoke Alarm Batteries

Looks like lithium smoke alarm batteries are selling well at Tags in Porter Square

Looks like lithium smoke alarm batteries are selling well at Tags in Porter Square

Upgrade your smoke alarm batteries the next time you change them.

A beeping smoke alarm has to be one of the more aggravating noises we’re subjected to at home.  A responsible, organized homeowner is encouraged to replace the smoke alarm batteries twice a year with the time change in spring and fall often suggested as the best time to change those batteries.  But many of us just wait for that obnoxious beeping before dragging out the ladder (after going room by room trying to figure out which dratted alarm is screeching).

If you want a more long term solution there are now long life lithium batteries available.  I spotted them at Tags in Porter Square the other day. 

The batteries are supposed to last for ten years and cost just $8.50 each.  The regular smoke alarm batteries aren’t cheap so $8.50 seemed like a bargain to take this task off the to-do list for a decade.  The sign at Tags suggests you’ll save $50 in smoke alarm battery expense over the life of the battery but peace of mind and fewer hassles is worth even more I think.

The next time that blankety-blankin’ beeping starts up I’m heading to Tags to stock up on lithium batteries.

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