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Nest Thermostat

This Nest thermostat caught my eye on tour in Cambridge

This Nest thermostat caught my eye on tour in Cambridge

I’m a traditionalist when it comes to thermostats – I love my classic round Honeywell thermostat.  Designed by Henry Dreyfuss in 1953 it’s non-programmable and works perfectly for my needs.

Perhaps it was the similar size and shape of the Nest thermostat that clicked with me when we were touring a house in Cambridge. The very cool display that came on when we walked by certainly caught my eye.  I liked it enough to snap the photo at right.

The New York Times had an article about the Nest thermostat today – in the Business section, not the Home section.  Turns out the thermostat is even cooler than it looks.

It’s the ultimate in smart programming – the thermostat can determine when nobody is home and turn itself down.  It also “learns” your patterns over the course of a week and adjusts accordingly.

Best of all, for people like me with very unpredictable schedules that don’t jibe with regular programmable thermostats, there are apps to allow for remote control of the Nest thermostat.  Aaah – to come home to a warm house this winter – that’s living!

The Nest thermostat sells for $250 and can be purchased online at nest.com.


Nest thermostats

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