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The Last Cupcake

The Last Hostess Cupcake

The Last Hostess Cupcake

No more Hostess Cupcakes?  Say it’s not so!  Word that Hostess was shutting down and halting production caused runs on local groceries and convenience stores this weekend.  Sentimental shoppers, stunned by the thought of never again getting their favorite snack foods, cleared store shelves of all things Hostess. 

And don’t think because the box says “Drake’s” that your favorite lunchbox treat is safe – Hostess owns Drake’s too.

What does a life without Hostess mean?

No more Hostess Cupcakes
No more Donettes
No more Twinkies
No more Devil Dogs
No more Ding Dongs
No more Yodels
No more Wonder Bread

Aach!! What are we gonna eat for dessert?  What’s going to go in the lunchbox?  Heck – forget the lunchbox – what about our special plastic Hostess Cupcake and Twinkie-shaped containers – never to be filled again.

Hostess Cupcakes with a glass of cold milk were the dessert in my imaginary “last meal.”  A package of powdered Donettes and a Diet Coke was the snack I’d pick up when I was on the road.  In high school, attacks of the munchies were sated with Twinkies.  I can still remember the field trip we took to the Hostess Factory when I was in elementary school.  And any trip to the Natick Mall was enhanced by the amazing smell of Wonder Bread baking in the nearby factory.

I hope you managed to find your favorites before the shelves were bare – and if not, there’s always Craigslist or ebay for a few more weeks.  Courtesy of my brother Andy I scored five Hostess Cupcakes and two packages of Donettes – or Donette Gems as I’ve always called them.  I’ll savor each sugary bite.

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