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What Happens On A Home Inspection

What Happens On a Home Inspection?

What Happens On a Home Inspection?

Ok – your offer was accepted.  Congratulations! Chances are the next step is to get a home inspection scheduled.  Wondering what happens on a home inspection?  Here’s an overview:

What Happens On A Home Inspection

Typically your home inspector starts on the exterior of the property.  He’ll be looking at the siding, the trim, the foundation and the roof.

Then we’re off to the basement since as one home inspector says “that’s where the fun is!”  A good home inspector will go through the cellar one system at a time and look at the plumbing, the heating, the electrical and the foundation.  He’ll be looking for any evidence of current or past pest problems though if conditions warrant you may consider getting a separate pest inspection by a specialist.

An inspector typically is not checking for lead paint – that’s a separate inspection by another specialist.  The inspector is also not looking at the smoke or carbon monoxide alarms since Massachusetts law requires that those will be inspected by the local Fire Department prior to the sale of the house.

Upstairs the inspector will go room to room with more time being spent in the kitchen and bath[s].

Your inspector will be taking notes and it helps if you take notes too.  You’ll be getting a report that outlines the inspector’s findings. You may get the inspector’s report on the spot or it may be emailed to you afterwards.  Ideally you want ask the inspector when you first call for an appointment how long it will take to get your report – particularly if you’re up against the agreed upon inspection deadline in your offer.

With a good inspector, by the time you’re done you should have an understanding of any issues to add to your to-do list, a grasp of how the mechanicals in your house work, and a good sense of what you need to do for ongoing maintenance and emergencies.  You’ll be a homeowner soon!

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  1. Eric Szvoboda

    This is a really important thing to do when looking to buy a home. It can save you so much money in the future! Dont let looks deceive you into thinking it is the perfect home!

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