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Closets Too Shallow?

Children's Hangers Will Fit In a Shallow Closet

The Answer to Shallow Closets

Are your closets too shallow?   Can’t fit hangers in the closet?

Shallow closets are  a common problem in older houses and apartments.  At one time closets were designed to have a row of hooks inside – not a closet rod.   I’m not sure through what time period closets were built this way – I’ve owned two houses built in the 1800s and in each some of the closets weren’t deep enough for closet rods.

Sometimes short closet rods can be installed from front to back to the left or right of the door – that’s how the closets were adapted in my house.  It’s not perfect – those are pretty short closet rods – but it works.

The problem with a shallow closet is that when a closet rod is installed from end to end – as closet rods typically are – you can’t fit clothes hangers on the rod and still close the closet door.  Some homeowners remove the closet doors altogether but that’s not ideal.

Here’s an innovative fix to the problem of shallow closets – children’s clothes hangers.  Yup – that’s right – children’s clothes hangers typically will fit in the closet and allow for the door to close.

I picked up these kids’ hangers at the Container Store – a bargain at just 29 cents a piece.

Thanks to Tara for this innovative solution – all of us with shallow closets thank you!

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