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This Is the Way It’s Done

I loved this page posted on a fusebox – ok, it’s a circuit breaker box really – so much that I had to snap its photo.  I came across it one day when showing a house for sale  in Waltham.

A Careful Homeowner's Record

A Careful Homeowner’s Record

What’s so special about this fusebox?  It may be difficult to see in the photo which shows just a portion of the list, but it’s the beautifully detailed, carefully written guide to which circuit breaker covers which appliance, outlet, etc. Taped inside the box and printed in very neat block letters on graph paper, the guide is a sure sign that a careful homeowner lived here – someone who took pride in his house and cared enough to do it right.

This is the way it’s done. 

This carefully printed page must have helped the homeowners repeatedly over the years when a breaker tripped or a fixture needed to be replaced.  I could just picture the homeowner – I bet he had a well stocked workbench in the cellar and that he liked to putter and to work on projects around the house in his spare time.  He reminds me of my grandfather who kept records that looked very much like this.  These guys came from the “greatest generation” of homeowners – people who knew how their house worked, how it was built, and how to keep it up.

This is way it’s done – but unfortunately it’s not done all that often nowadays.  We’re too busy, too scattered, too quick to rely on somebody else to do the job for us.  There aren’t as many workbenches in cellars nowadays.  My own bookshelves are full of homeowner how-to books but I’m all too quick to hire someone to do a job for me.

Something as simple as labeling circuit breakers can begin to get you better acquainted with the workings of your house. This simple piece of paper set a new standard for me.  I want a fusebox guide that looks like this one.



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