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Let It Rain

Happy Day! It finally rained in Cambridge

Happy Day! It finally rained in Cambridge

Hurrah!  Happy day!  It finally rained in Cambridge and nearby towns today.

It’s been a good long time coming.  After a wonderfully rainy June (enough rain in fact to beat Seattle by mid-month)  we’ve been in a drought in Centers and Squares territory for the entire month of July.  Towns to the north and south of us have had plenty of rain and even flash flooding.  But here in Cambridge the ground was parched.  You know you’re in trouble when the ground cover starts to wilt.

The weathermen and women failed to remark on our localized drought, instead coming up with inane comments about “can we escape the showers” (answer – yes, can we ever) and the like.  Meanwhile, the grass is brown, there are dead street trees all over town, and even when rain was forecast none would fall.

It seems like once we’re in a pattern of no rain it’s very difficult for any rain to fall.  Wild thunderstorms were forecast on the weekend and despite the severe weather warning none arrived.  Yesterday the pump was finally primed when it drizzled as the sun shone.  To wake up to downpours today was wonderful.

Let’s hope this new pattern takes hold.  In the meantime I’m keeping my pail handy for the thirsty street trees on my block.

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