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No More New York Times Home Section

I can't even take my NYT out of the bag since I'm so sad about the demise of the Home section

I can’t even take my NYT out of the bag since I’m so sad about the demise of the Home section

My mother called early this morning.

“Did you get your New York Times yet?”

I hadn’t.  My paper was still in its delivery bag unopened.

“There’s no Home section!”  My mother speculated that her delivery guy had left it out of the bag – perhaps annoyed about his overdue tip.

But a quick search online revealed the sad news.  The New York Times has discontinued our longtime favorite section, Thursday’s Home section.

The Home section has been one of the highlights of my week for years.  I like Tuesday’s Science section but it’s so meaty it can take days to wade through and I sometimes view it with exasperation rather than anticipation since I know it’s likely to remain in my to-be-read pile for too long.  Wednesday’s Food section is a bore – I just don’t care to read endless minutiae about food. And the huge two-part Arts section on Friday is usually tossed in the recycling bin after a glance at a review or two.

But Thursday?  Thursday was special.  I pored over every article in the Home section, as did my mother. Home often prompted phone calls between us with critiques or comments about photos and articles.  I woke up happy on Thursdays because I knew what awaited me in the bag outside my door.  And I know we’re not alone in our love of the NYT Home section – for any house enthusiast Thursday’s paper was a much anticipated treat.

Clearly the arts generate more advertising support than the home decor field. That’s too bad.  It’s stupid and shortsighted on the part of advertisers – advertisements and snippets about products in the Home section have motivated my purchases multiple times over the years.  But it’s also stupid and shortsighted on the NYT’s part.  Daily delivery of the New York Times is not inexpensive and if the best sections are eliminated the expense becomes much more difficult to justify.

Today’s a sad day for house enthusiasts and for newspapers.

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