Move Gone Wrong – Sprinklers Flood Condo Building

Broken sprinkler floods condo building in Boston

Broken sprinkler floods condo building in Boston

Moving is never easy. If you were joining the masses moving into Cambridge and Boston this weekend I hope your move went smoothly.

One move went terribly wrong this week. 

The Boston Globe reported that it was a mattress strapped atop a car that broke off a sprinkler head in the garage of the Metropolitan condo building at 1 Nassau Street in Boston.  The fire protection system then pushed additional water through the system, eventually causing a sprinkler to burst on the 23rd floor of the high rise. Water flowed through a number of floors, damaging multiple condos.  Ouch!

The Metropolitan was built in 2004.  Penthouse condos in the building sold for $1M+.

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What Do I Do With All These Boxes?

Moving boxesCongratulations!  The hardest part of your move into your new home is over. You’ve just unpacked all of the moving boxes.  The rooms are starting to take shape, you can put you hand on most important items, and there’s finally a clear path from room to room.

… Except – what on earth to do with the big stack of flattened moving boxes?  They weren’t inexpensive but the idea of letting them molder in the basement isn’t appealing.  If you want to leave them out for curbside recycling that’s another project since the boxes will need to be cut down into smaller pieces and you can’t put them out until pickup time.

If your new home is in Cambridge – and if you’ve picked up your resident sticker – you can bring the boxes to the Recycling Drop-Off Center on Hampshire Street.  You don’t have to dismantle or cut down the boxes and you can get them out of the house rather than wait for the next pickup.

Another very convenient option is to post in the Free section of craigslist. It’s easiest if you put the packing materials out on the porch or in your driveway or yard and include your address in the post.  Moving supplies such as packing boxes, bubble wrap and peanuts will often be picked up within an hour or two of your post.  Delete the post and bingo – you’re done and you’ve helped out a grateful stranger.  You gotta love craigslist!

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