Do You Have A License For That Cat?

If you live in Belmont or Watertown you had better!  Belmont and Watertown are two of the handful of Massachusetts towns that requires licensing for cats.  Who knew?! 

Dog licenses go back decades – vintage dog licenses  have become quite collectible  – but the licensing of cats is unusual at least in our area.

Cat Licenses In Belmont

Does Your Cat Need A License?In Belmont, the license fee for a spayed or neutered cat is $12 per cat, $9 if the owner is 60 or older.  Proof of spaying or neutering must be presented at time of application.  A license for a cat who has not been spayed or neutered will be $37 or $34 if the owner is 60 or older.   In every case proof of vaccination for rabies must be presented to obtain a cat license. 

The license is good for the calendar year.  The deadline for getting your 2009 cat licenses is March 15th.  Owners who fail to license their cats will be subject to a $25 fine per cat.  Belmont will start issuing tickets for unlicensed cats on March 16th. 

Licensing Your Watertown Cat

Watertown cats cost $10 to license ($5.00 if you’re 60 or older) with an additional fee of $25 if the cat is not spayed or neutered. Proof of rabies vaccination and of spaying or neutering if applicable is required.  Failure to license will subject you to a $25 fine.  The Town Clerk’s Office at the Watertown Town Hall deals with cat and dog licensing.

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