Save Your Back with a Back-Saver Shovel

Backsaver Shovel - Buy Yours Today!

Backsaver Shovel - Buy Yours Today!

We’ve all been doing a lot of shoveling this week.  The Cambridge area got about a foot and a half of snow on Sunday and Monday.

That’s a lot of snow – and plenty of shoveling to dig out driveways, sidewalks and cars.

There’s only one way to shovel as far as I’m concerned and that’s with a Back Saver Shovel  I got my Back Saver ergonomic snow shovel a few years ago and winter’s never been the same.

The Back-Saver shovel’s handle is ergonomically correct – the bend in it is a miracle – truly a miracle.  Somehow it transfers the load so the shovel, not your back, does the work.

No matter how heavy the load, no matter how many hours you shovel – with a Back-Saver shovel you’ll be in fine shape – no pain, no strain. 

Even better, Back-Saver shovels are made right here in Massachusetts by a company called Rugg

I looked for Back Saver shovels in local stores since I had planned to give my Dad one for Christmas.  I wasn’t able to find one locally but you can order them online.

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