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Cambridge Election Results

Nov 8, 2011 Election results in Cambridge

Nov 8, 2011 Election results in Cambridge

This morning, whether it’s reading the Boston Globe or watching Morning Joe, you’d be tempted to think we didn’t have an election yesterday.

But we did.

Wondering who won in the Cambridge school committee and city council voting?

From the City of Cambridge here are preliminary results for the city council election and the school committee election of Nov 8, 2011:

Cambridge City Council Election Results

Cambridge votes by proportional representation.  You can vote for multiple candidates but you rank your choices – only one candidate can get your important #1 vote and you vote in order of preference for other candidates. 

15,393 votes were cast and counted last night.   Candidates who received 1540 #1 votes were elected on the first count.  Tim Toomey, David Maher and Leland Cheung each received enough votes to win re-election on the first round.  Frankly after that I get a bit lost in how votes are apportioned but we do know who won.  We think.  Cambridge calls all election results “preliminary”.  The results aren’t deemed final until November 18th after write-ins, absentee ballots, etc are counted.

That being said, per the preliminary results, in addition to Toomey, Maher and Cheung; Henrietta Davis, Denise Simmons, Marjorie Decker, Craig Kelley and Ken Reeves were reelected. 

Sam Seidel did not win reelection.  That meant we had one seat change – Minka vanBeuzekom won and is the newest member of the Cambridge City Council.

Cambridge School Committee Election Results

 Preliminary school committee election results show that Alfred Fantini, Patricia Nolan, Alice Turkel, Mervan Osborne, Richard Harding and Marc McGovern won.  Nancy Tauber did not win reelection.  Mervan Osborne is the newly elected member of the Cambridge School Committee

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