Cambridge Election Day

Cambridge Campaign SIgns

Campaign Signs are Everywhere Around Cambridge

The other night the long line of sign waving supporters for Cambridge City Council candidates on Mass Ave gave me pause.  Was it Election Day?  I was sure it wasn’t but it *was* Tuesday after all.  With so many days to vote this fall – the Boston mayoral primary, the special election to fill Markey’s seat, even the election that Corey Booker won in NJ – it’s been difficult to figure out when the Cambridge election day is.  If you’re still wondering it’s next Tuesday, November 5th.  Turns out the crowd of campaigners on Tuesday had gathered outside the candidates forum at the Senior Center.

Next Tuesday, November 5, 2013, Cambridge residents will vote to elect City Council and School Committee members.  Twenty-five(!) people are running for nine seats on the City Council and there are nine candidates for the six seats on Cambridge School Committee.  No wonder there are so many election signs around town.

My intention was to link to all the candidates’ websites but instead I found an excellent page with a  list of candidates  that links to their interviews, statements, websites, etc.  It’s well worth checking out before Election Day.  It’s too easy to walk into the voting booth knowing little about many of the candidates.  Since Cambridge residents can vote for more than one candidate, we’ve got more homework to do than many voters.

Cambridge uses a system of proportional representation for both the City Council and the School Committee voting.  You rank your choices with your vote for your number one candidate your most valuable choice. Even your number two choice matters.  You have to wonder, with this many candidates, if your third or fourth place vote might matter more this year.

And last, in case you missed it, here’s a link to the Boston Globe article about the 11-year-old campaign manager for one of the Cambridge School Committee candidates.  Love this!


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2012 Election Results

2012 Election Results

2012 Election Results

I think it’s fascinating to compare how towns and cities vote so here are the 2012 election results for Centers and Squares territory as compared to results for the state vote overall.  And what about home town advantage?  Elizabeth Warren lives in Cambridge and Mitt Romney’s from Belmont.

Though the percentages varied, election results in Arlington, Belmont, Cambridge, Medford, Somerville and Watertown aligned with  state-wide results with Obama and Elizabeth Warren winning in each town or city in our neck of the woods. 

There were three ballot questions that appeared on every town or city’s ballot.  We voted for flexibility in car repairs (Question 1) and in favor of medical marijuana (Question 3), questions that passed state-wide.  Question #2, to allow physicians to prescribe medication to the terminally ill to end life, failed state-wide by 51-49% but passed in every Centers and Squares municipality except for Medford.

In Somerville, Question 4,  a vote to adopt the Community Preservation Act, passed by a large margin.

For more information check out each city or town’s website.  Here are the preliminary 2012 election results:

Massachusetts 2012 Election Results:

Obama 61%    Romney 38%
Warren 54%  Brown 46%

Question #1 “Right to Repair” passed 85% to 15%
Question #2 “Die with Dignity” failed 51% to 49%
Question #3 Medical Marijuana passed 63% to 37%

Arlington 2012 Election Results

Obama: 18,580  72%
Romney: 6,659  26%

Warren: 17,501  68%
Brown: 8,265  32%

Question #1  Yes – 19,668  No – 2,455    Passed 89% to 11%
Question #2  Yes – 14,352  No – 10,648 Passed 57% to 43%
Question #3  Yes – 16,876  No – 7,961     Passed 68% to 32%

Belmont 2012 Election Results

Obama:  9,108    65%
Romney: 4,728  34% 

Warren: 8,480  60%
Brown: 5,577     40%

Question #1  Yes – 10,662  No – 1,565   Passed 87% to 13%
Question #2  Yes – 7,622  No – 5,853     Passed 57% to 43%
Question #3  Yes – 8,883  No – 4,592     Passed 66% to 34%

Cambridge 2012 Election Results

Obama:  41,991   86%
Romney: 5,340   11% 

Warren: 41,127  85%
Brown:  7,463     15%

Question #1  Yes – 35,841  No – 4,716     Passed 88% to 12%
Question #2  Yes – 30,909 No – 14,639   Passed 68% to 32%
Question #3  Yes – 36,063  No – 9,564     Passed 79% to 21%

Medford 2012 Election Results

Obama:  18,613   68%
Romney: 8,294   30% 

Warren: 16,808  61%
Brown:  10,580    39%

Question #1  Yes – 12,705  No – 1,666     Passed 86% to 14%
Question #2  Yes – 12,588 No – 13,445    Failed 52% to 48%
Question #3  Yes – 16,678 No – 9,070     Passed 65% to 35%

Somerville 2012 Election Results

Obama:  28,467   82%
Romney: 4,865   14% 

Warren: 27,412  80%
Brown:  7,038      20%

Question #1  Yes – 26,787  No – 4,486    Passed 86% to 14%
Question #2  Yes – 21,210  No – 11,904  Passed 64% to 36%
Question #3  Yes – 25,733 No – 7,357     Passed 78% to 22%

Question #4 – Community Preservation Act  Yes – 24,358  No – 7,714  Passed 68% to 32%

Watertown  2012 Election Results

Obama:  11,878   71%
Romney: 4,516   27% 

Warren: 10,773  64%
Brown:  5,938      36%

Question #1  Yes – 12,705  No – 1,666   Passed 88% to 12%
Question #2  Yes – 8,821  No – 7,080     Passed 55% to 45%
Question #3  Yes – 10,884  No – 4,921   Passed 69% to 31%

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Voting Hours in Massachusetts

Polls are open for voting in Massachusetts from 7 am to 8 pm

Polls are open for voting in Massachusetts on Election Day from 7 am to 8 pm

Voting Hours in Massachusetts

It all comes down to this.  Months of political chatter, the hours and hours of political TV that are the backdrop in my house every night, debates, rallies, phonecalls, tweets, fundraisers – it all comes to an end tomorrow when we vote.

It always boggles my mind that it all comes down to what happens on just one day – Election Day.  The tension and excitement is almost unbearable.

Make sure you get out and vote tomorrow.  Voting hours in Massachusetts are from 7 am to 8 pm.

See you at the polls!

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What is Question Four in Somerville?

What's Question Four in Somerville?

What's Question Four in Somerville?

What is Question Four in Somerville?  

Inquiring minds want to know after seeing signs in favor of question 4 all over Somerville.

Turns out that Question 4 on Somerville ballots for Tuesday’s election asks if Somerville residents want to adopt the Community Preservation Act. 

If the Community Preservation Act is adopted, a 1.5% surcharge would be added to Somerville property tax bills for funding to acquire, create, preserve and restore:

  • Open space for parks, recreation and conservation
  • Historic resources such as historic community buildings and artifacts
  • Land for recreational use including parks, playgrounds and athletic fields
  • Community housing to help meet local families’ housing needs

You can read more about Question Four in Somerville in this brochure on the City of Somerville website.

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Voter Registration Deadline

Voter Registration Deadline is October 17th

Voter Registration Deadline is October 17th

The deadline to register to vote in Massachusetts in November’s election is October 17, 2012.

Here are links to local towns’ and cities’ voter registration info:







The big day, Election Day, is Tuesday, November 6, 2012.  See you at the polls!

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Watertown Election Results

Watertown Election Results

Watertown Election Results

Watertown has posted the results of the town election of November 8, 2011.  16.65% of  the 21,061 registered voters in Watertown cast ballots in yesterday’s municipal election.

Watertown Town Council Election Results

Incumbent councilors from Districts A, B and C ran unopposed and all were reelected.  Angeline Kounelis, Cecilia Lenk and V.J. Piccirilli will be returning to the council.  They will be joined by Kenneth Woodland who ran, without opposition, to fill the seat representing District D, currently held by John Lawn.

Incumbents also won the four council-at-large seats.  However, write-in candidate Michael Mandel, who ran an anti-Walmart campaign (this is the first I’ve heard about the possibility of Walmart coming to Arsenal Street – if I lived in Watertown Mandel would have had my vote), came in just 91 votes behind the next highest vote getter, Stephen Corbett.  According to the Watertown Tab, Michael Mandel is considering filing for a recount.  You would think his strong showing – given that he entered the race just a couple of weeks before the election – is a reflection of many residents’ sentiment about Walmart.  Here’s what the town council members and candidates have to say about Walmart.

Watertown School Committee Election Results

Three seats were up for grabs on the Watertown School Committee.  Eileen Hsu-Balzer won reelection.  She will be joined by two new school committee members: Michael Shepard and Julie McMahon.  Christopher Beach did not win reelection.

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Medford Election Results

Medford did have an election yesterday but you wouldn’t know it if you went to the city website.  No results have been posted.  November 2011 Medford election results were available on the Medford Transcript website however:

Mayor McGlynn won a 13th term.  Given that his opponent Anthony D’Antonio didn’t seem to be a proponent of the Green Line extension I’m relieved that McGlynn won.

Medford will have one new face on the City Council – Richard Caraviello was elected to the council. Councilor Mark Arena failed to win reelection, falling short by just 37 votes. Incumbents Breanna Lungo-Koehn, Robert Maiocco, Paul Camuso, Frederick Dello Russo, Michael Marks and Robert Penta were all reelected.

Turns out you can get a better sense of the Medford City Council on Youtube than you can on the city website.   Search “Medford City Council” on Youtube and you’ll pull up quite the collection of videos, some hilarious, with titles like “Medford City Council – What Year is This?”, “Joe Viglione tells Medford City Council Off” or “Medford City Council Calls for a Battle”.  Watch ’em and weep – or laugh.

By far the most popular Medford City Council video is this one of City Councilor Paul Camuso, titled “Perfect Boston Accent“.  It’s been viewed over 650,000 times. Now I have to say – Councilor Camuso’s accent doesn’t really leap out at me.  I hear worse (better?!) all the time.  See what you think.


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Somerville Election Results

Nov 8, 2011 Election results in Somerville

Nov 8, 2011 Election results in Somerville

There were a lot of sign waving supporters on Somerville street corners on election day.  Wondering who won the Board of Alderman and school committee races?  Here are the preliminary Somerville election results for the municipal election on November 8, 2011.

Somerville Election Results

Somerville publishes the unofficial election results.  Races aren’t final until the absentee, overseas and other provisional ballots are counted.  The posted unofficial results are based on the 9,071 votes cast and counted at the polls.

Since most seats were not contested, however, there’s not a heck of a lot to report.  Mayor Curtatone and all seven members of the School Committee ran unopposed and were reelected.

Somerville Board of Alderman Election Results

The Board of Alderman races resulted in just one new face among the eleven members.

All four of the Board of Aldermen members with at-large seats won re-election: John Connelly, Dennis Sullivan, William White and Bruce Desmond.  William Roche (Ward 1), Maryann Heuston (Ward 2), Sean O’Donovan (Ward 5) andRebekah Gerwitz (Ward 6) ran unopposed and were re-elected.

Thomas Taylor was re-elected to represent Ward 3, beating Stephen Delani. 

In a bit of a squeaker in Ward 7, Robert Trane was re-elected, beating challenger Katjana Ballantyne by 40 votes, 1068 to 1028, according to the unofficial tally.

In Ward 3, Alderman Walter Pero did not run for re-election.  The unofficial tally shows Tony Lafuente beating Christine Barber in that race by 857 t o 623.

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