Cambridge Election Results

Nov 8, 2011 Election results in Cambridge

Nov 8, 2011 Election results in Cambridge

This morning, whether it’s reading the Boston Globe or watching Morning Joe, you’d be tempted to think we didn’t have an election yesterday.

But we did.

Wondering who won in the Cambridge school committee and city council voting?

From the City of Cambridge here are preliminary results for the city council election and the school committee election of Nov 8, 2011:

Cambridge City Council Election Results

Cambridge votes by proportional representation.  You can vote for multiple candidates but you rank your choices – only one candidate can get your important #1 vote and you vote in order of preference for other candidates. 

15,393 votes were cast and counted last night.   Candidates who received 1540 #1 votes were elected on the first count.  Tim Toomey, David Maher and Leland Cheung each received enough votes to win re-election on the first round.  Frankly after that I get a bit lost in how votes are apportioned but we do know who won.  We think.  Cambridge calls all election results “preliminary”.  The results aren’t deemed final until November 18th after write-ins, absentee ballots, etc are counted.

That being said, per the preliminary results, in addition to Toomey, Maher and Cheung; Henrietta Davis, Denise Simmons, Marjorie Decker, Craig Kelley and Ken Reeves were reelected. 

Sam Seidel did not win reelection.  That meant we had one seat change – Minka vanBeuzekom won and is the newest member of the Cambridge City Council.

Cambridge School Committee Election Results

 Preliminary school committee election results show that Alfred Fantini, Patricia Nolan, Alice Turkel, Mervan Osborne, Richard Harding and Marc McGovern won.  Nancy Tauber did not win reelection.  Mervan Osborne is the newly elected member of the Cambridge School Committee

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Election Day – November 2, 2010

Vote on November 2, 2010Election Day – November 2, 2010 

It’s going to be a busy day at the polls today. 

I saw more people at my polling place than I can remember seeing – even during the presidential election. 

Polls in Cambridge and across Massachusetts are open today from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m

Don’t forget to vote – and bring some extra cash for the bake sale!

It’s going to be a looong night waiting for results to come in – an afternoon nap may be just the ticket so I can make it through till 3 a.m. – but I’m too wound up to sleep.

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Blue Towns

massachusettsIt was Martha Coakley by a landslide in Centers and Squares territory.  While we’re all in denial today, the votes were counted and statewide Brown won yesterday’s election 51.9% – 47.1% or 1,168,107 to 1,058,682 votes.

But the picture was very different in Cambridge and nearby.  Here’s how we voted:

  • Arlington: Coakley 65%, Brown 34%
  • Belmont: Coakley 59%, Brown 40%
  • Boston:  Coakley 69%, Brown 30%
  • Brookline: Coakley 74%, Brown 25%
  • Cambridge: Coakley 84%, Brown 15% 
  • Concord: Coakley 62%, Brown 37%
  • Lexington: Coakley 65%, Brown 34%
  • Lincoln: Coakley 68%, Brown 34%
  • Medford: Coakley 57%, Brown 42%
  • Newton: Coakley 67%, Brown 32%
  • Somerville: Coakley 75%, Brown 24%
  • Watertown: Coakley 61%, Brown 38%

I was happy to see that Belmont, former hometown of Mitt Romney, was firmly in Coakley’s camp. Medford’s numbers are appalling given that it’s Martha Coakley’s hometown. Boston’s, Somerville’s and especially Cambridge’s results – woohoo!  

My mother was ready to move to western Mass after seeing the Globe’s red/blue map – solid blue from Northampton to New York – until I told her about the vote in Cambridge.  But we’re keeping the map posted on the fridge – we know where our friends live.

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Primary Day In Massachusetts – Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2009

Special Election Sign in Cambridge

Special Election Sign in Cambridge

It’s Primary Day in Massachusetts.  On Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2009 voters in Massachusetts will go to the polls in the special primary to choose candidates to vie for the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.

It’s disheartening that expectations for voter turnout are so low. Not only will our new Senator have large shoes to fill after Teddy Kennedy’s long and illustrious career but the seat has previously been held by

  • John F. Kennedy
  • Daniel Webster
  • John Quincy Adams

So – take a moment from your day and head to the polls.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

And don’t forget – the special state election is scheduled for Tuesday, January 19. 2010.  The deadline to register to vote in the Special Election is Dec. 30, 2009.

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Bumper Stickers – Election Day 2009

It’s an historic day and there are a lot of very happy people in Cambridge.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden won 62% of the vote in Massachusetts in November. 
In Cambridge, the percentage was quite a bit higher as 88% of voters cast their ballot for the Obama-Biden ticket, second only to Aquinnah, a small town on Martha’s Vineyard, where 90% of the 311 voters cast votes for Obama.
Cantabridgians often broadcast their thoughts, obsessions, affiliations and more on their bumpers.  Here’s a sampling of the amazing variety of Obama bumper stickers found on cars in Cambridge this week. There was nary a McCain sticker to be found though I do remember seeing at least one or two over the last year.
And if you’d like one of the “Yes We Did” Shepard Faery bumper stickers like the one at the center of the collage – you can get one (for free!) at this site.
Obama Bumper Stickers In Cambridge

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