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Teele Square  Somerville is a city of neighborhoods – or more precisely a city with many squares.  Teele Square is one of the most popular – a walkable neighborhood, with stores, cafes, and a variety of housing options and the Red Line T less than 10 minutes away by foot in Davis Square.

Broadway and Curtis Street in Teele Square Somerville MA. Tufts is just up the hill.

Broadway and Curtis Street in Teele Square Somerville MA. Tufts is just up the hill.

History of Teele Square

In the late 1800s Somerville experienced a period of rapid growth and development.  Improvements in transportation helped speed development. West Somerville, largely undeveloped farm land in the mid-1800s, was opened up for development in 1871 when a horse-drawn street car line was extended to the area and the rail line opened in Davis Square.  In 1889 electric streetcars began serving West Somerville. 

A building boom was underway as more than half of Somerville’s houses were constructed in the twenty years between 1890 and 1910.  The fields and orchards that once filled the western section of Somerville are hard for us to envision now, accustomed as we are to the densely built neighborhoods that were established some 100 years ago.

Teele Square became a commercial center in the early 1900s.  Commercial buildings were built in the square as well as churches and a school at the Broadway and Holland Street intersection.

Teele Square Today

Today shops, cafes and restaurants line Broadway from the Foodmaster supermarket at the Somerville line at Route 16 to the intersection with Holland Street in the  heart of Teele Square.  There’s also a good assortment of establishments that serve basic needs as opposed to trendy giftshops – a bank, a laundromat, a barbershop, an auto repair shop, a used furniture and junktique shop, a package store, etc. Tufts University is nearby – just a straight shot up Curtis Street from Broadway. Each morning a steady stream of pedestrians heads down Broadway and Holland Street to jump on the Red Line subway in Davis Square.  Neighborhood favorites include:

  • Teele Square Cafe at 1153 Broadway
  • Amelia’s Kitchen at 1137 Broadway
  • Sabur Restaurant at 212 Holland Street
  • Holland Street Cafe at 237 Holland Street
  • PJ Ryan’s at 239 Holland Stree
  • Rudy’s Cafe 248 Holland Street

Teele Square Real Estate

Somerville real estate buyers have a wide variety of housing options in Teele Square.  There are more multi-unit buildings than single family homes in the neighborhood.  Many of the turn-of-the-century two-families and triple-deckers have been converted to condos.  There are also several recently built condominium developments – at 55 Endicott Street, on Weston Avenue, at 1188 Broadway, and another at Waterhouse and Broadway.

In the last couple of years the handful of single family homes that have sold in Teele Square sold for prices between $460,000 and $793,000.  More than 60 condos sold in the same period for prices from $234,500  to $865,000.  The average sale price for Teele Square condominiums was $409,325 with an average per square foot price of $358.  Eight multi-familes sold – six two-families and three triple deckers.  Teele Square multi-unit properties sold for an average sale price of $625,400.



Check out some Teele Square photographs of local businesses and homes:

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